CAMBRIDGE, MA – 03 April, 2017 – Brain4Net, an innovative SDN/NFV solution vendor,  today announced the second major release of B4N Service Platform, a comprehensive Network & Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) software platform for multi-vendor physical and virtual infrastructure. The B4N Service Platform 2.0 includes an impressive list of enhancements, including NFV, Lifecycle Service Orchestration and IP/MPLS Integration Functionality, as well as introducing new GUI.

“The vast majority of enhancements incorporated in the B4N Service Platform aim to accelerate the movement to 5G Networks. We think of future Communication Service Provider’s, Cloud Service Providers and Enterprises infrastructure as a converged “platform” that combines multi-service networks and compute resources in Telco DC’s managed by LSO system,” said Oleg Schapov, CEO at Brain4Net.This approach allows providers and enterprise customers to build a service-oriented infrastructure, ready for agile service development and support of viable use cases like Network Slicing, IoT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, V2X communications etc.”

B4N Service Platform Release 2.0 incorporates the following high-level feature groups:

  1.     NFV MANO features:
  • VIM Management includes support of OpenStack as Virtualized InfrastructureManager (VIM);
  • VNF On-boarding tools that help to simplify VNF on-boarding processes;
  • Creation of VNF packages based on VNF descriptors;
  • The initial release of Virtual Machine management that allows Customer to manage VMs, running in Openstack environment, through B4N Orchestrator.
  1.     SDN features and improvements:
  • IP/MPLS integration tools and L3VPN support;
  • Extending list of supported hardware with Huawei and Mellanox switches;
  • LACP Link Aggregation Groups (LAG) support;
  • Support of in-band management for most of supported devices;
  • QoS Improvements;
  • Traffic Mirroring (TAP) features.
  1. End-to-End Service Orchestration features:
  • Network Service Configurator allows users to create Network Service templates and apply them to appropriate tenants. The component provides a convenient way to create the services, which consists of connectivity services and Virtualized Network Functions running in Telco DC. In context of 5G, Network Service templates could include end-to-end service QoS parameters, thus providing Network Slicing based on end-to-end jitter/latency constraints and enabling logical infrastructure “slices” for different types of services (i.e. IoT, Ultra-High Definition Video, AR/VR, Voice). NS Configurator functionality is fully compliant with ETSI NFV MANO reference architecture.
  • Infrastructure Manager functionality that allow users to divide infrastructure to administrative domains (i.e. by geography), which can be managed separately by local administrators. By default, domains consist of Metro Network area and Telco PoPs located in this area. Infrastructure Manager provides the visibility of network and compute resources, while delimiting access to separate Administrative domains;
  • Tenant Management features that include the possibilities to allocate resources for Customer from multiple VIMs and define roles, groups and users for Tenant.
  • Self-Service Portal for Customers.

In addition, in Release 2.0 Brain4Net significantly improves user experience by introducing new GUI, developed in collaboration with one of the best UX design studios. A large number of usage scenarios are well thought out and reflect administrator’s daily activities, both for CSP and Enterprise customers. A complex set of functions (i.e. infrastructure management, service configurator, dashboard, topology, monitoring) are well organized and represented as a set of tabs, trees and cross-reference links, thus allowing administrator to access the needed element with few clicks. While fully matching ETSI NFV MANO reference architecture, it provides the easiest way to represent logical abstractions and services.

Brain4Net will exhibit in booth #131 at #ONS2017 (April 3-6, 2017, Santa Clara, CA) where they will present B4N Service Platform Release 2.0 to attendees. Brain4Net will lead a live demonstration of end-to-end solution for Communications Service Providers to help them extend product offering portfolio built around Carrier Ethernet (CE) services with value-added virtual network services.