Brain4Net joined ONF – the biggest SDN aimed consortium founded in 2011 by Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Yahoo!. It dedicated to the development and standardization of Software Defined Networking. The main ONF’s objective is to encourage a networking environment that will support OpenFlow protocol. Specialized working groups develop technical specifications of protocol enhancements and new versions. ONF’s 100+ member list includes companies of all sizes (from startups to global powerhouses), including network operators, service providers, enterprises, product companies of all sorts, resellers, and more. ONF Members define relevant architectural frameworks and technical standards, encourage the deployment of both the hardware and software SDN ecosystems, promote the SDN value proposition, and accelerate the adoption of SDN technologies and standards.

Brain4Net joined ONF to help in evolvement the OpenFlow standard to address the needs of Service Providers and Large Enterprise commercial deployments.

“Now we have taken a new height! By the ability to collaborate with the world’s leading experts on SDN and OpenFlow, including market leaders and innovative startups, we deeply understand the market needs and requirements. On the other hand, we bring our innovative ideas to the community to drive the formation of SDN and interoperability with NFV”, said Oleg Schapov, CEO at Brain4Net.

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About Brain4Net

Brain4Net is the SDN/NFV software provider that helps Service Providers and large Enterprises to adapt modern network technologies such SDN and NFV within existent multi-vendor network infrastructure. Company’s B4N Service Platform turns benefits of SDN/NFV synergy and solves performance and interoperability challenges that are major stop factors of SDN and NFV adoption in Service Provider’s networks. Brain4Net product portfolio includes solutions for tight SDN integration with traditional IP/MPLS networks and unified traffic management and delivery from SP’s Access network to NFV farm in data center. Company provides SDN Controller, SDN Orchestrator, set of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) and Switch Operation System (SWOS) as a part of B4N Service Platform.