Brain4Net SwitchOS

1st Release of B4N SwitchOS for x86 platform is now available!

B4N SwitchOS is virtual OpenFlow-switch the Intel DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) accelerated. That provides high-speed data traffic processing in virtualized network environments. It works in Docker container to deliver more flexibility and simplicity of integration.

B4N SwitchOS is the major component of B4N Service Platform ensures high performance traffic processing comparable with hardware appliances.

B4N SwitchOS for x86 platforms aims to cover two major cases:

  • It helps Service providers to implement high-performance data-plane for Virtualized Network Functions running in OpenStack environment. B4N SwitchOS can be used instead of Open vSwitch to ensure higher performance;
  • Large Enterprises seek for solutions that could help them to optimize costs and rack space, and automate on-boarding of new branches. Creating so-called “Server-Switch” solutions is the second major case SwitchOS aims to help. Server-switch provides all-in-one solution for small branches. Commonly it consists of x86 server with Intel CPUs and line cards that provide connection for end users. With centralized SDN-Controller and B4N SwitchOS installed on this box, the time of connection of new branches reduces significantly! Administrator just assigns an IP-address of SDN Controller to the Switch to integrate the new “box” in existent network.

SwitchOS consolidates Service Provider’s Aggregation and Service Edge network segments as a part of B4N Unified Switching Fabric solution. It enables provider to deliver customer’s traffic to virtualized network functions and processing it along NVF platform in a unified way.

Among the benefits of SwitchOS are plug-and-play onboarding of new devices, simplicity and high-performance. The key feature of SwitchOS is the uniform program code, providing the same user experience of virtual switch for x86 platforms and network OS for bare-metal switches. Customer can be sure of the same features of product, regardless of deployment model.

The product provides comprehensive and frequently supplemented feature list: OpenFlow v.1.3.x/1.4 support, QiQ, QoS, queues and metering, select groups and group chaining, and OpenFlow extensions for HQoS. It shipped as binary, docker or ova image depends on deployment model.

“B4N SwitchOS for x86 platforms is a “glue” between SDN-enabled network segments and Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) in SP’s data center. It is responsible for high-speed traffic delivery all along the path of VNF service chains. By using Intel® DPDK libraries, Docker containers we can achieve carrier-grade performance and deliver flexible solution for building Service Providers’ NFV farm on OpenStack environment”, said Max Kaminskiy, CTO at Brain4Net.

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Brain4Net is the SDN/NFV software provider that helps Service Providers and large Enterprises to adapt modern network technologies such SDN and NFV within existent multi-vendor network infrastructure. Company’s B4N Service Platform turns benefits of SDN/NFV synergy and solves performance and interoperability challenges that are major stop factors of SDN and NFV adoption in Service Provider’s networks. Brain4Net product portfolio includes solutions for tight SDN integration with traditional IP/MPLS networks and unified traffic management and delivery from SP’s Access network to NFV farm in data center. Company provides SDN Controller, SDN Orchestrator, set of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) and Switch Operation System (SWOS) as a part of B4N Service Platform.