December 6, 2016 (Cambridge, MA) – Brain4Net today announced B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport. The solution allows carriers to take advantage of automated client services, access and network configuration processes, reduced expenses on network equipment and operation, as well as a staged transition to service-oriented metro-network infrastructure that can be easily adapted to 5G.

B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport by Brain4Net allows carriers to effectively adapt to fast-growing end users demand for various, standardized, highly reliable, scalable, carrier-grade Ethernet services.

B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport enables carriers to gradually modernize metro-networks and while preserving all the necessary functionality for stable operation of B2B and B2C services.

The solution provides the following functionality and more:

  • Full set of MEF defined Carrier Ethernet services – E-Line, E-Tree, E-LAN, E-Access. The solution allows the full automation of Carrier Ethernet service and activation of or adjustments to services to be completed in minutes instead of weeks.
  • Transport for Multicast traffic.
  • Centralized traffic engineering.
  • Fault-tolerance. The solution protects links, switches, SDN-controllers and other system components from outages to ensure service availability.
  • Transparent integration with Carrier DC infrastructure and ability to enhance solution functionality with virtualized network functions in telco datacenter
  • Integration with IP/MPLS services, static and dynamic IP-routing in SDN domain.
  • Embedded infrastructure and service monitoring that allows a client to avoid extra expenses for additional monitoring systems acquisition and integration.

B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport contains B4N Service Platform components and bare-metal equipment by Brain4Net technology partners. It allows the use of x86 based switches by implementing multi-platform OpenFlow agent B4N SwitchOS and is compatible with switches based on Broadcom StrataXGS and Helix4, EZchip NPU 4/5 chipsets as well as x86-based devices embedded with Intel network cards with DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) support.

B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport allows carriers to:

  • Reduce operational expenses through automated granting and management services processes, as well as automated network infrastructure configuration.
  • Dramatically streamline new functionality implementation through the updating of orchestration software without replacement of equipment.
  • Rapidly implement new services and build unified network for broad range of services
  • Move to converged infrastructure and separate hardware and software lifecycles
  • Enhance loyalty and client satisfaction level through rapidity and flexibility of services parameters changing.

The solution was successfully tested in PoCs with Tier1 carriers and showcased at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress 2016 and MEF’2016. B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport also delivered an impressive performance at ONF AppFest 2016.

“B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport is our flagship solution that generates a great interest with carriers, analysts, and the technology community”, – said Oleg Schapov, CEO and Founder of Brain4Net. – “The solution enables step-by-step metro-network modernization in the most cost effective manner while retaining existent network functionality. B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport provides a dramatic improvement in network manageability and flexibility as well as significant hardware and support cost reduction. Moreover, the solution might also be extended for various advanced use-cases, including mobile backhaul adapted to 5G networks, intelligent transport for L2VPN/L3VPN services, seamless network fabric between metro-network and DC, etc.”

Brain4Net works actively with technology partners to extend B4N Service Platform compatible equipment list.