Using Intel ONP & Intel Networking Enhancements to Develop vCPE Use Case

Date: October 18, 2016
Time: 11 a.m. (UTC -4)
Presented by: Max Kaminsky, CTO, Co-Founder, Brain4Net

During past decade the world had gone through the technological evolution of modern networks from purpose built equipment to SDN/NFV concept using virtualized network functions running on COTS servers. Such development significantly changed technical and economic aspects of services provided by telecom operators.

Brain4Net’s approach assumes that vCPE is not just VNF in the Cloud or On-Premise device. It’s the comprehensive CSP service that engages connectivity in Metro Network, physical and virtual network infrastructure within Data Center, Cloud environment, and Lifecycle Service Orchestration. The following webinar will discuss the overall vCPE architecture and how to improve virtual network performance using Intel’s Enhanced Platform Awareness and Brain4Net’s own OpenStack networking improvements.

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