SDN/NFV Solutions for Service Providers

Brain4Net provides SDN/NFV based solutions aimed to help Service Providers to modernize their Aggregation and Access network, deliver network agility and reduce time-to-market for new services.

Scaling Aggregation and Access network

The main goal is to scale regional Network Aggregation segments in the most cost-effective manner.
B4N Service Platform enables Service Providers to replace costly MPLS PE Routers with inexpensive Bare Metal OpenFlow-switches, while providing flexibility, network automation and integration with existent IP/MPLS Network.

This approach helps to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX, avoid vendor lock-in and improve time-to-market for new services.

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  • Infrastructure vendor independence
  • Flexible network management
  • Improve time-to-market for new services
  • Lower costs

Solution components

  • B4N Controller – topology and network devices management
  • B4N Orchestrator – Centralized point of administration and service configuration
  • Bare-metal switches
  • B4N SwitchOS as an OpenFlow agent for Bare-metal switches or  3rd party Network OS

Service Function Chaining

The Unified SDN Switching Fabric and NFV Platform solutions aim Service Providers to create service chains of virtual functions within virtual network infrastructure. B4N Service Platform provides traffic classification and delivery from Access network to appropriate virtual network functions (VNFs) in data center, creates chains of that functions, and controls traffic all along the path.

This approach provides the way to effectively manage network traffic among virtual network functions (e.g. Router, Firewall, DPI) and helps Service Providers to build flexible vCPE infrastructure.

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  • Ability to quckly deploy new customer services
  • Flexibility and automation
  • New revenue streams

Solution components

  • B4N Controller – Traffic control all along the path from Access network to NFV platform in Data Center
  • B4N Orchestrator – Creation of function chains and resource management;
  • B4N SwitchOS  – Network OS for bare-metal switches and vSwitch for x86 compute nodes in NFV platform
  • NFV Platform or 3rd party platform for VNF hosting