Building Service-Oriented Metro Ethernet Networks

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B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport from Brain4Net helps CSPs to build service-oriented Metro Ethernet Network infrastructure, allowing to rapidly introduce differentiated product offerings built around Carrier Ethernet Services and strive to turn-up service instances in minutes instead of weeks. Solution enables carriers to gradually modernize metro-networks with bare-metal hardware, while preserving all the necessary functionality for stable operation of B2B and B2C services.

B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport contains B4N Service Platform components and bare-metal equipment by Brain4Net technology partners. Solution supports full set of MEF-defined CE services – E-Line, E-Tree, E-LAN, E-Access and could be integrated with existent CSP’s IP/MPLS infrastructure.

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Lower OPEX

by automation of Customer onboarding, service logistics and network infrastrtucture configuration

Fast deployment of new features

by implementing new applications at SDN Controller level without upgrading network elements

Improve Time-to-Market

Turn-up value-added services in a days instead of months

Lower hardware costs

Using bare-metal switches instead of costly MPLS Routers in Metro Area Networks

Breaking HW & SW Lifecycles

Implementing new network features doesn’t affect Hardware upgrading processes

Impore Customer Loyalty

and Customer Retention Rate by providing tools for Customer to customize service parameters


Full Set of MEF-defined Carrier Ethernet services

B4N Controller is the key component of the Carrier Ethetnet Transport solution. It provides automated provisioning of Carrier Ethernet services – E-Line, E-Tree, E-LAN EVCs, while supporting multilayer QoS, Traffic Engineering, Path Protetion, IP Routing and L2 service OAM (Operations, Administration & Management) through CFM (Connectivity Fault Management). B4N Controller translates service policies into a set of OpenFlow rules and load this rules into the chain of switches participated in the services.

For example, for E-Line service (“point-to-point” link) B4N Controller calculates primary and backup paths, sets QoS rules, maximum and commited bandwith, etc. Administrator also could define how the prefered paths should be chosen – typically calculated paths based on bandwidth or constraint-based traffic-engineered paths.

platform overview

Wide Range of Supported Hardware

B4N Carrier Ethernet Transport supports wide range of bare-metal equipment from Brain4Net technology partners. It allows the use of x86 based switches by implementing multi-platform OpenFlow agent B4N SwitchOS and is compatible with switches based on Broadcom StrataXGS and Helix4, EZchip NPU 4/5 chipsets as well as x86-based devices embedded with Intel network cards with DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) support.

Broadcom ASICs



supported hardware


Administrator manages physical and logical topologies by unified WEB interface. All infrastructure components located on a single map. Administrator gets all of the relevant information from the single window – hardware and links status, link load, alarms, etc.

Feature Set

Brain4Net provides unique technology approach for implementing MEF-defined Carrier Ethernet services with OpenFlow and bare-metal hardware. B4N Service Platform provides full set of CE services – E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, E-Access.
Tree calculation for multicast-groups is implemented as an application of B4N Controller. Multicast traffic is delivered from aggregation switches to access by single Multicast VLAN, leveraging IGMP Snooping.
The Solution enables CSP to handle MBH traffic. In this case, transport is provided with a set of Pseudowires (PW). Two logical L2-links are provided for every Base Station
For integration with legacy networks and to enable IP routing in SDN domain, Brain4Net provdes so-caled “Distributed Routing” functionality: Routing MP-BGP component that helps CSP migrate Customers to SDN Infrastructure without any service degradation tightly and to provide L3 functionality in SDN domain. For example, CSPs can use Distributed Routing function as a part of their network virtualization strategy to move from proprietary P/PE router appliances to a “distributed PE-routing” approach: Control Plane logic is provided by virtual routing service, and Data Plane is provided by OpenFlow-compatible bare-metal switches.
In addition to classic DiffServ QoS, the solution provides per-PW QoS and Bandwidth Admission.
B4N Service Platform supports the following APIs for integration:
• Java
Management APIs:
• WebUI

Solution Components

The high-performance OpenFlow Controller for Metro Networks and Telco Data Centers. It is the only SDN Controller on the market which provides the full set of OpenFlow-based Carrier Ethernet services
provides End-to-End Orchestration functionality, managing SDN and NFV domains simultaneously and providing network provisioning and Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO). It is the central point of service & resource management for SDN & NFV environment and interface to OSS/BSS or 3rd party LSO systems
broad range of switching silicon is supported, including Broadcom StrataXGS and Mellanox Spectrum ASICs, EZchip NPU and x86 architectures
is a multi-platform OpenFlow-switch that could be implemented either as DPDK-accelerated virtual switch on x86 compute nodes in OpenStack/VMware environment, or as OF-Agent for bare-metal switches, providing the single user experience for both versions

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