B4N SD-WAN Transport helps enterprises with self-managed MPLS networks to achieve high level of automation, while using bare-metal equipment by leading ODMs. Solution targets companies with large geographically distributed networks – countrywide infrastructure with MPLS Core and set of regional Metro Aggregation Networks (MAN).

B4N SD-WAN Transport utilizes B4N Service Platform components and approved bare-metal switches by Brain4Net Partner Ecosystem members – Edge-Core Networks, Noviflow, Centec, Corsa, etc. This approach allows to choose an open hardware that ideally fits the Customer needs.

Network services provided by B4N Controller – high-performance OpenFlow-based SDN controller which supports most of traditional L2/L3 technologies stack, broad range of bare- metal switches, Northbound APIs for integration with 3rd party Orchestration systems and provides one of the best performance in the market. Solution leverages the B4N SwitchOS product capabilities for bare-metal switches to provide

The basis of B4N SD-WAN Transport solution is a set of networks services such are all of the L2VPN topologies (e.g. Point-to- Point, Point-to- Multipoint, Multipoint-to- Multipoint), dynamic routing protocols (OSPF, MP-BGP), QoS, Multicast services, and tools for integration with OSS/BSS and security services. Solution supports automatic topology discovery, routing based on Segment Routing principles, Fast Failover functionality and built-in Traffic Engineering

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