Standardization, virtualization and disaggregation are standard elements of the wave of cloud architectures sweeping the enterprise and the service provider landscape. As cloud architectures and frameworks take hold, virtualization of compute, storage and networking will evolve. Software-defined networking (SDN) has been one of the key drivers of innovation in networking. SDN principles and framework have taken hold across end-users and networking vendors alike; however, value capture by SDN controller vendors has been mixed, with limited commercial sales of pure SDN controller products, primarily due to business model challenges by the first wave of vendors. Nevertheless, the use cases and solutions enabled by SDN controllers, including network virtualization, SD-WAN, cloud networking are thriving and SDN controllers are a huge enabler and driver behind these solutions.

New 2017 edition of Network Virtualization Report covers all these trends and provides insight into the maturation of the overall network virtualization and SDN controller market, including the innovations in cloud networking. SDxCentral’s updated report covers the following topics:

  • Primer on NV and SDN Controllers
  • Benefits that delivered by NV
  • Different approaches vendors and open source projects are taking to the market
  • Key attributes to consider when evaluating NV solutions
  • Key NV trends today – with a focus on clouds
  • Vendor profiles

Brain4Net targets the synergy between SDN, NFV & Lifecycle Service Orchestration to provide an end-to-end solution that allow customers to build a fully-converged and service-oriented infrastructure.

B4N Service Platform, which had been included in the SDxCentral’s report, is a comprehensive network orchestration and service delivery software platform for multi- vendor physical and virtual network infrastructure that automates service provisioning, simplifies network management and facilitates the smooth transition to Service-Oriented Infrastructure.

The platform consists of the following main components:

B4N Controller is the high-performance OpenFlow-based SDN controller for Metro Networks and Telco Data Centers. The product designed to provide a comprehensive solution for the creation of resilient and fault-tolerant unified network fabric comprised from physical and virtual switches, and tightly integrates this fabric with MPLS Backbone.

B4N Orchestrator is the central point of management & orchestration of the B4N Service Platform. It provides the centralized orchestration of both the SDN and NFV environments – VIMs, Remote Nodes, SDN Controllers, VNF Managers and VNF Catalog. Cooperation of all these elements allows users to build and manage comprehensive network services through distributed Cloud infrastructure.

B4N SwitchOS is a multi-platform OpenFlow Agent that could be implemented either as a DPDK-accelerated virtual switch on x86 compute nodes or as OF-Agent for bare-metal switches, providing the single user experience for both versions and more flexible software architecture for CSP networks.

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