Brain4Net, an innovative SDN/NFV based solutions vendor and Megahertz, a leading systems integrator for media production companies, today announced they will participate in IBC2017 September 15-19 in Rai, Amsterdam. During the world’s leading Media, Entertainment and Technology show they will showcase SDN Fabric for Media solutions for staged broadcast media networks modernization and smooth transition to new service-oriented media paradigm at booth number 12.F20.

B4N SDN Fabric for Media provides the following functionality:

  • Broadcast media network topology with automatic on-boarding of switches and port configurations for IP-cameras and receivers
  • Visualization of network infrastructure, streams and link load
  • Seamless flow switching of the encapsulated (IP / RTP) streams by using B4N Controller to control traffic   flows with one click in accordance with the existing ST 2022-6, ST 2022-7, AES67, TR-4 and advanced ST 2110, TR-03, NMOS-DRS standards.
  • Adding sources/receivers and visualization of switching table
  • Traffic load balancing and reservation
  • Media gateway management from an administrator’s PC
  • Native integration with media gateways that are sources of PTPv2 (Precision Time Protocol v2) time synchronization, and the integration of the transport network with virtual media content processing services.
  • Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS specification) compliant models

In the near future, TV will become ultimately interactive and the business model of content delivery will change from product-oriented to service-oriented. It means that content production needs to become distributed instead of local, as well as requiring integration with global telecom systems for creation of distributed networks and DCs for real-time media traffic transport and processing.

“Together with Megahertz we created a solution for the TV of future!,” said Oleg Schapov, CEO of Brain4Net. “SDN Fabric for Media is in line with all major trends around the tele-production industry and adds real value to broadcasters by allowing them preserve existing media processes as well as introduce better quality, interactivity and innovative services.”

“We are proud to invite telecom industry community members to our booth 12.F20 where they can observe a live demo of SDN Fabric for Media and become familiar with its comprehensive functionality,” said Jon Flay, Managing Director of Megahertz. “I am 100% confident in Brain4Net’s ability to deliver this new generation of networks that streamline transition to new business models in the media production industry.”

B4N SDN Fabric for Media includes the following components:

  • Bare-metal switches with up to 100GB/s per-port bandwidth capacity
  • B4N Controller, B4N Service Platform component, which is in charge of video traffic streams orchestration from video traffic sources (IP-cameras) to receiver

Traffic switching goes through several stages and relies on Session Description Protocol (SDP), necessary bandwidth and quality of service (QoS)

SDN Fabric for Media ensures the following advantages:

  • Up to 2 times equipment CAPEX reduction
  • Lower TCO with simplified data center networking and cabling management. 30%-40% lower expenses on in conversion to port (including special equipment for migration from SDI to IP)
  • Increase operational flexibility with unified IP fabric for live broadcast and file-based media workflows
  • Faster deployment, extensive choice of ecosystem vendors
  • Future-proof infrastructure with high bandwidth and high density networking
  • Preserve existing media operations and workflow

Brain4Net’s and Megahertz’s exhibit at the IBC2017 will present SDN Fabric for Media solution that is fully compliant to modern tele-production trends. SDN Fabric for Media is a comprehensive solution for television broadcasters, professional media studios and channels which provides enhanced scalability, increased productivity and reduced media infrastructure cost of ownership, as well as access to new attractive service-oriented models. SDN Fabric for Media is an industry leading solution for staged broadcast media networks modernization, transition to ethernet technologies for multimedia traffic transport and SDN-based network infrastructure orchestration.