SwitchOS for bare-metal switches

An OpenFlow agent for bare-metal switches with ONIE support, built on top of Debian / Ubuntu distrib accelerated by merchant’s SDK.

SwitchOS for bare-metal switches helps SP’s and Enterprises to reduce costs of network equipment and avoid vendor lock-in by using bare-metal switches instead of costly branded switches with proprietary ASICs.

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Tech Specs

  • OpenFlow v1.3 support
  • QoS, queues & metering, select groups and group chaining
  • OpenFlow extensions for HQoS
  • Software repository (in addition to standard Debian / Ubuntu repository)
  • Data Plane acceleration by merchant SDK
  • ONIE (Open Network Install Environment) support
  • Support Broadcom and Intel ASICs
  • Flow Cache in RAM – Offload OF rules to RAM to save flow request time for switches with small TCAM tables
  • And more…


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